Puccio’s stripped-down folk stylings and emotionally charged falsetto create an atmosphere of intimacy... I felt myself aligning my own experiences with the lyrics and the heartache they carry.”

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Matti Joy is a folk singer who acts as a voice for the outdoors, education, and mental health. Her songwriting and performances speak to the power of place and the way community can meaningfully change how people interact and support each other. A lyrical voice and delicate fingerpick style of guitar draws the listener in, simultaneously relaxing them and reminding them to be intentional in their day to day interactions with one another. Matti has an edge when it comes to engaging crowds and creating an atmosphere of calm contentment thanks to a history as an educator.


Working with local Bend mainstay, Cascade School of Music, Matti's studio is challenged each week with new techniques in fingerstyle guitar, piano, voice, songwriting and music business.


In addition to her musical ventures, Matti Joy is currently writing a modern fantasy solar-punk adventure story! Be on the lookout for Roots and Wolves, a soon-to-be radio drama and graphic novel.
You can follow her progress over at her Patreon.

Creative Consultant

 Matti Joy combines her wide array of creative endeavors with her years of experience as a professional mentor to offer creative consulting. She works with both established and aspiring creatives to set goals, develop workflows, clarify artistic philosophies, and help with accountability.
Reach out for more info if you're interested in working together!

It's a song that would make Woody Guthrie or Pete Seeger happy. ” - On Oh Honey Please, Do it for the Bees

Greg Jones of EarToTheGroundMusic