Hold Me While The World Burns


Well I been thinkin' about you and me
and I'm flabbergasted
How'd you find where I was hidin'
I thought all my luck was spent on being born a white American something

Yet here we are turning a corner…


Join, Or Die.

Join, Or Die.

An Album in Protest Doomscroller Folk Music Revelations 3:16
"So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth."

Over the summer of '20 I spent time alone, thinking on my past and recognizing the deep cognitive dissonance I had cultivated during my upbringing as an evangelical Christian. The result was a collection of poetry and guitar that is an effort to unpack and repack my philosophy and be bold to say that burden which weighs so heavily on my heart. I have traveled to the wild spaces of my past and stand before you whole and new.

Join, Or Die demands answers for the spectres that haunt our adult life. From climate grief to Christian culpability in the oppression of the least, from nationalized slavery to the American Dream being based on ancient genocide and theft, this album journeys towards the synthesis of something once thought impossible: the actualization of justice in the modern age.

The following is an in-depth explanation of the thoughts and writings behind each song.

A Heart is a Heavy Burden

  • The title of this EP was inspired by a line from Hayao Miyazaki's film "Howl's Moving Castle." 
  • This EP speaks to the pain that come with caring and the struggles of righteously seeking what is good while trying to maintain harmony in your immediate communities. 
  • There's no way to know what will happen, but seeing what's going on it's hard not to compare the methods of the opposing groups in our country and see a pattern in the history of the actions of an overpowered executive branch (Police) that's been wielding greater and greater unchecked power, often towards the already historically oppressed and disenfranchised with no repercussions. 
  • Ultimately this documents my journey through the pain of slowly and truly connecting with the world after being withdrawn from it as a child. The tracks travel: 
    • 1. Granite City, IL - through the stories of my family's youth 
    • 2. Pity - Reframing my disgust and self-hatred as pity for what I've been 
    • 3. Prayer for the Reformed Hoarder - Trying to unpack my understanding of emotional baggage as old worn out luggage I've been keeping in the attic 
    • 4. Alvarado, TX - Trying to see the beauty and glow during the formative years of my adult life even amidst its hangups 
    • 5. A Heart is a Heavy Burden - Finally, wrapping up with this track about what might need to be done for the good of the future even if we carry the weight of our mistakes with us through and beyond. 
      • At the end of the EP is a reprise of the opening track set in a cheeky, a capella traditional folk band style to lighten the mood and send the listener away laughing rather than just commiserating

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Granite City, IL

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This song follows the stories of my family. Growing up my mother's family was fractured and combative for ways I couldn't understand. I learned my grandfather died 5-6 years before I was born. Over the 9 years I…

Wild Spaces

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A man, his guitar, and his quest to find the wild spaces in his life. 

1. Doing what he can to save the bees and other pollinators. 

Oh Honey Please, Do It For The Bees 

G. C