A Heart is a Heavy Burden

  • The title of this EP was inspired by a line from Hayao Miyazaki's film "Howl's Moving Castle." 
  • This EP speaks to the pain that come with caring and the struggles of righteously seeking what is good while trying to maintain harmony in your immediate communities. 
  • There's no way to know what will happen, but seeing what's going on it's hard not to compare the methods of the opposing groups in our country and see a pattern in the history of the actions of an overpowered executive branch (Police) that's been wielding greater and greater unchecked power, often towards the already historically oppressed and disenfranchised with no repercussions. 
  • Ultimately this documents my journey through the pain of slowly and truly connecting with the world after being withdrawn from it as a child. The tracks travel: 
    • 1. Granite City, IL - through the stories of my family's youth 
    • 2. Pity - Reframing my disgust and self-hatred as pity for what I've been 
    • 3. Prayer for the Reformed Hoarder - Trying to unpack my understanding of emotional baggage as old worn out luggage I've been keeping in the attic 
    • 4. Alvarado, TX - Trying to see the beauty and glow during the formative years of my adult life even amidst its hangups 
    • 5. A Heart is a Heavy Burden - Finally, wrapping up with this track about what might need to be done for the good of the future even if we carry the weight of our mistakes with us through and beyond. 
      • At the end of the EP is a reprise of the opening track set in a cheeky, a capella traditional folk band style to lighten the mood and send the listener away laughing rather than just commiserating

  • Secret Pre-Release Listening Link


  • Granite City, IL 

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about 
    There was always plenty of food in the pantry 
    So many ways for us to spend our time 
    As long as we spent it alone 

    My grandmother told me stories 
    Of apples for pennies fresh from the street corner 
    And how her husband had bees in the back yard 
    As the fruits of his labor filled his garden and lungs with blood 

    For our bloody gods 
    Keep the stock option over the broken homes 
    Settle fevers with a fresh cut of sod 
    Fill the hole in your heart with your children’s children

  • Pity

    Her fingers like ice soothe my furrowed scalp 
    Like lemonade on a fresh squeezed summer day 
    Teasing from my mind the fear and worry 
    Leaving me emptier yet fuller in a funny way 

    And I pity the man who walks alone 
    I feel the fear of never coming home 
    Now that I’ve seen what love has shown 
    I pity the man with the heart of stone 

    The razors edge of loneliness cuts the mind 
    Solitude is only worth how you spend your time 
    The maw of eternity lies ahead 
    As the empty spot beside me in my bed 

    And I pity the man who sleeps alone 
    Spending hours trying to find a soul in his phone 
    The wind outside echoes and calls a weary moan 
    I pity the man who won’t atone

  • Prayer for a Reformed Hoarder 

    It’s been a few years 
    But the luggage is still 
    Dusting in my attic 
    Really thought I would’ve 
    Donated it by now 

    But nobody wants 
    Useless broken zippers our 
    faded, trendy roller bags of shit I couldn’t shake 

    Why am I searching 
    For ways to hate it there 
    Just a wild imagination 
    Trying to cope 

    My god 
    I’ve never been so close 
    My god 
    Help me find a another home 

    Why am I searching 
    For ways to hate it there 
    Just coming up tired 
    And empty handed

  • Alvarado, TX 

    They’ve been wondering 
    When I’m gonna wake up smell the 
    Roses grandma 
    kept long after they were folding 

    Things these days just 
    Aren’t made like they used to be 
    The phrases people say 
    Just leaving reeling and 

    Gotta find my own way, no matter where it goes
    Where I’m gonna end up, I’ll never know, I’ll never know 

    For now just... 
    Feel the mud squish all up through your toes 
    Dirt and sunbeams melting all your woes 
    Let the wind relax you for a time 
    Waves are lapping softly at your mind 

    Crackling campfires roasting weary feet 
    Lean against a friend and feel complete 
    No words as we stare into the coals 
    Dying embers lighting up your soul 

    Look back down my street 
    The garbage heaps are gleaming 
    Sunny highways lined 
    With all the dying dreams and 

    Little things could 
    Make or break your weekends 
    And the simple truth’s 
    You’d never see it coming musta been 

    Something in the water 

    Something in the way it moved the trees 
    Shaking back and forth just like my knees 
    Stars in your mouth as it opened wide 
    Brilliant teeth all shining with your lies 

    Moonlight over empty soccer fields 
    Dragonflies speed for their easy meals 
    As the phrases slowly make their way 
    Out of my hand into yours to stay

  • A Heart is a Heavy Burden 

    A heart is a heavy burden 
    But it’s worth the weight in your pack 

    But the truth is when you’re hurting 
    It’s easier to turn your back on your own love 

    When well pressed men come calling again 
    Read carefully the way they treat the least when no one’s watching 

    Wear your love on your sleeve 
    Your bleeding heart will ever be the source of courage ‘gainst the man and 

    When you hold your tongue to not offend 
    Or make upset just once through starting an uncomfortable conversation 

    Think of Innocent folks out there dying 
    Empty spots at tables parents, siblings, children all are crying 

    And so when armored vans run rampant on streets 
    Here is something when you don’t know if anybody’s watching 

    Try to stay on your feet 
    I ain’t trying to say it’s anything to kid about an easy breezy 

    But I can hear the people singing the songs 
    Of angry men who will not wait so idly by while race and class divide us 

    Long live the courage of the people 
    Feed the fires and burn those cheap hells

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