Granite City, IL

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This song follows the stories of my family. Growing up my mother's family was fractured and combative for ways I couldn't understand. I learned my grandfather died 5-6 years before I was born. Over the 9 years I lived with my grandmother, I absorbed the stories of our family (from her perspective) and now have put them to song. 

First verse: Growing up with my grandma in southern Missouri.

Second Verse: Learning of how the Great Depression shaped my grandmother's childhood, how she married young and started a family that was then fractured by Robert Soles Sr's death to mesothelioma (from exposure to asbestos.) 

Outro/Bridge: My own views and what I can imagine the well-pressed men who presented my grandmother with arbitration/settlement were saying through the thin veneer of their concern (for their stock options.)


Granite City, IL 

I don’t see what all the fuss is about 
There was always plenty of food in the pantry 
So many ways for us to spend our time 
As long as we spent it alone 

My grandmother told me stories 
Of apples for pennies fresh from the street corner 
And how her husband had bees in the back yard 
As the fruits of his labor filled his garden and lungs with blood 

For our bloody gods 
Keep the stock option over the broken homes 
Settle fevers with a fresh cut of sod 
Fill the hole in your heart with your children’s children

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